The World of DOT
Editorial & Graphic design


Established in 2009 by Francesca Leoneschi and Iacopo Bruno, The World of Dot is a Milan based graphic design studio specialising in editorial and book design, illustration, typography, and text editing.
We are a passionate and skillful team whose experience spans across a variety of disciplines, including typographic design and packaging.

The studio itself is not just an office, but a physical archive of everything we as a team find intriguing. Within this compilation of design material lies inspiration, and ours is a workspace in which this inspiration is always readily available. Although the World of Dot is a contemporary design studio, we are dedicated to upholding the heritage of established graphic design.

As firm believers in the ability to discover something new in exploring something old, our focus is to interweave the two and create solutions that are both innovative and classical in equal measure. We value traditional editorial and typographical material – namely books – and use this as a key reference point when creating our original designs. Research, imagination, and collaboration underpin our approach to every project.

Our process is thorough, and we endeavour to maintain an open dialogue with our clients throughout to ensure creative precision. We are equipped with close attention to detail and design expertise, ensuring that every project is completed to a professional standard.


Abbeville Press
Battello a vapore
Bayard Jeunesse
Stefano Bollani
Candlewick Press
Carlsen Verlag
Corriere della Sera
Colle delle 100 bottiglie
Disney Hyperion
Editoriale Domus
Editori Laterza
Einaudi Ragazzi
Emme Edizioni
Gallucci Editore
Garzanti Libri
Guanda Editore
Macmillan Publishers
Marco Casentini
Mondadori Ragazzi
Penguin Random House
Ponte alle Grazie
Rizzoli International
Salani Editore
Simon & Schuster
Slow Food
Solferino Libri
Tessiore Editore
Thienemann Verlag
Ueberreuter Verlag
Vallardi Editore